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Raná Open 2014

RANÁ F3F OPEN 2014, 4.4. - 6.4.2014


Competition: FAI Eurotour contest
Category: F3F, acc. to FAI
Date: 4.4. - 6. 4. 2014
Place: Raná and surrounding slopes (GPS Loc.50°24´24.796“N, 13°46´45.592“E)
Organized by: Association of Modellers of Czech Republic, Aeromodelling Club Horní Branná
CD: Filip Kalenský
Entry fee: CZK 1100,- or EUR 50,- Banquet included
Official languages: Czech, English
Jury (proposal): Any Pilot form - CZE, GER, AUT


Pilots list (new window) - UPDATED 24.3.2014

REGISTRATION FORM (click to open)

NOTE: The registration form will be activated on 5.3.2014 at 20:00hrs. Until this time the form will not be active. Please fill out and submit the form. Each reagistration will be added to the start list based on the time of receipt. The maximum number of pilots is 40 and 5 juniors. The registration will become valid after the receipt of the entry fee payment which is due on 15.3.2013. 00h:00min:00sec.

Full Name
FAI license number
Club name
Ch 1
Ch 2 (not required if 2,4gHz)
Model 1
Model 2

Entry feee

Entry fee si CZK 1100,- or EUR 50,- - must be paid by 15.3.2014 latest by bank transfer to the bellow account.

o Account Owner: Filip Kalensky
o Bank address: Olbrachtova 1929/62, 140 00 Praha 4
o Bank name: Ceska Sporitelna
o IBAN: CZ1108000000001369919193
o Note: Rana Open fee

If the entry fee payment is not received in time, the registartion will become invalid and will be substituted with a pilot from an eventual waiting list. An updated start list will be published here on 6.3.2014 and will be regularly updated together with payment info.

You will need to present a valid FAI license for 2014, without a valid FAI license the pilot will not be permitted to complete. The organiser has no liability to damages caused to other participant of the event, therefore, each participant must hold valid insurance. Each competitor has to behave in such manner that will not endanger other participants on the hill (other competitors, PG, etc.) and has to follow the organizers instructions before, during and after the event. Each participant has to pay the parking fee on his own at the club "Sklenik" at the bottom of the hill.
The mumber of participants is 40 and 5 juniors! Those names with numbers 46 and up are on waiting list. In case a slot will open, they will be moved to the start list. Those names on the start list can proceed with entry fee payment.


Written immediately, deposit fee EUR 40,-,
Accepted language: EN,CZE


The organizers arranged for special price conditions with the cooperation of Hotel Union owner in Louny city and arranged special time shedule for breakfest and dinner with accordance to the competition shedule. We suggest the accomodation in Hotel Union Louny.  Each pilot has to arrange, book and pay for the room by themselves. The organizers do not arrange accomodation booking for pilots. Prices of accomodation start at 17€/person/night. All accomodated people can leave their hotel rooms on Sunday after the prize giving ceremony in the afternoon. During the booking process don´t forget to state that you are a competitor of Rana Contest for special access and price conditions.
Price and service conditions are better in the city of Louny, please take advantage of this special offer.

Contact:  HERE

Password for special conditions: Raná Open 2013

Additional information

Pilot presentations, briefing and prize giving will take place at the PARKING (GPS Loc.50°24´24.796“N, 13°46´45.592“E) – see map and schedule.


A banquet will be organized as usual at „SKLENIK“, banket costs are included to competition fee.


Friday   4.4.2014
  8:00-   9:00    pilot presentation
10:00- 11:00   transfer to the slope depending on wind direction
12:00- 18:00    comp. flights (last round of the day in progress will be that running at 18:00)

Saturday  5.4.2014
  8:00    briefing
  9:00   transfer to the slope depending on wind direction
10:00 – 17:00   comp. flights (last round of the day in progress will be that running at 17:00)
19:00 - ???   banquet

Sunday   6.4.2014
  8:00    briefing and transfer to the slope
  9:00 – 15:30   comp. flights (last round of the day in progress will be that running at 15:30)
17:00    results announcement and prize giving

The competition director reserves the right  to change the schedule according to the situation. It means the posibility to cancel the competition flights if the conditions will be not within the accordance to FAI rules.

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